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Over 1600+ Customers
Celebrating 16 years of Trust & Service
Dedicated Reliant Customer Support Team
Present in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata
Enterprise Solution for Carpet Manufactures and Exporters
Carpet Production Management System.

ERP for Carpet manufacturers is a highly advanced and evolved software after studying the implications involved from the manufacturing to the export shipment of carpets, handicrafts, rugs, shawls, Mats, Shags, Durries, Sumak and more. With a list of clients in Jaipur & Delhi like Maharaja Arts and SN Kapoor Exports CPMS is sucessfull in fulfilling the rising demands in the industry from time to time.

Key features of Carpet Production Control System

1)      Buyer Order Management System.
2)      Order wise Production Summary, gives details of  order received, qty shipped, balance at production,  pending and shortage.
3)      Looms wise production and work in progress tracking system.
4)      Work in progress, Tracking and Work done reports.
5)      Projection of arrivals as per work done
6)      Production analysis of looms and suppliers.
7)      Tracking of  extra stocks in hand and in looms.
8)      Stock manager for managing finished carpets.
9)      Tracking of Finished and Unfinished Carpets
10)     Tracking of washing
11)     Tracking of Defective carpets
12)     Bora Manager management of wool movement for next mounting
13)     Wool requirement manager for tracking of wool requirement
14)     Wool Management system for managing wool requirement details.
15)     Production forecasting and analysis and more.
16)     Wool Inventory Manager.
17)     Generates automatic requirement of wool for production of carpet.
18)     Carpet Design production control manager.
19)     Host of Tabular reports like Buyer summary, Mounting summary, Stocks

Format of Tabular reports

Designs X Quality X Gnd           Sizes -> 2x2              4x4         6x6      8x8        10 x 10
vnv123  x 10/12 x Rb/Yl                       1                     2             5         9               3  
Vnv200 x 10/12 x Gr/Cr                        0                    0             10       10              0 

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