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Over 1600+ Customers
Celebrating 16 years of Trust & Service
Dedicated Reliant Customer Support Team
Present in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata

V N V  E R P

Core ERP Engine with Special Coding for managing multi user request and management of user load balancing using scatter technology to optimize the database for handling large number of users and data.  Specifically Designed  for large user access and large data processing. Specifically coded for using Terminal Service for access through Internet explorer and other browsers.



4. Unit wise Profit Calculation System
CTC, PPU Statement, Gross Profit from a Unit ie Billing done to Salary Distributed. Linking Billing to multiple salary units, Save to History function for future reference.

5. Security Operation Module with Daily Attendance
Definition of Home location for Guard, Daily Duties Entry System for Attendance, Facility to Import Attendance ,Unit wise strength manager,  Movement order manager, Auto Detection of Duty Patterns 12, 24, 12, 16, 16 or 24, 24. Tracking of Excess Duties. Auto Hold of Salary for  employee left. Tracking of duties more than 380 hrs a month. Generation of attendance for Salary. Generation of Muster-roll.

6. Photo ID Card Printing  - Standard (Photo paper printing)
Prints ID Card on Photo paper as per the design provided by customer.  Requirement : BMP Image in less than 10.  ADVANCED -  PLASTIC CARD PRINTING SOLUTION ALSO AVAILABLE.

Specifically designed for Top management to access critical and important reports directly from their desktop without visiting multiple modules of ERP

8. Employee Verification System
System Keeps track of Guards Verification process status by call, letter, reference and generates report related to the same. Reports like list of verification letter sent, pending, received, not received, Verification Call Status report, Police Verification Status.

9. Advanced Guard Recruitment Module (As per PSAR Act)
Complete data collection of a guard and print Appointment letter, Enrolment Card, Police verification (Form 2), PF Nomination Sheet, Form 16,  Form F (Nomination) , ESI Form, Certificate of undertaking of employment, Form 11, Branch Recruitment System (Offline) (Optional).

10. Blank Muster Generator for Next Month
This module will print black muster roll for next months rata collection. It can generate attendance as per Home location or current month  attendance.

11. PF Number Allocaiton Module
This module will auto allocate  PF Number for  the new employee joined automatically.

12. Intentory Module for Uniform Issue
Item manager, Issue to Guard, Vendor Returns, Receive from Vendor, Receive from Guard, Stock Status Report, Guard Ledger, Loading of charges automatically to Uniform Adavnce in payroll. Branch inventory issue and receipt. FOC issue.

13. Mini-Daybook module for enter daily expense at branches.
Data entry of daily expense of cash and day expense report.

14. Generate Bill From Attendance feeded Salary Software.
(Link to Payroll and Billing) : Salary units only be created when a billing master is created and selected.

15. Signature & Thumb Impression Storage.
Storing and Printing of Signature of Guards and Impression left hand fingers and Right Hand fingers. Requirement Image in BMP format Sign less than 100 kb and impression less than 200 kb.

16. Pre-recruitment System.
Create a databank of guards who will undergo training before being recruited. Generate desired reports related to the same.

17. Guard Training Module.
Complete guard training with details of training done as per unit and generally. Facility to save course material for providing to the guards.

18) Dual Rate Salary Processing Module.
By activating this module, you will have option to make two salaries for a person at different rates. There will be a payment rate and compliance/govt rate. Its just like as using two different payroll software. Advanced feature : Govt based PF & ESI can be deducted in payment sheet automatically.

19) Office Staff  Salary Module .
Generate staff salary, manage leave, bio-data information.

20) Income Tax (Staff module).
Automatically generate form 16, tax project statements.

21) Income Tax 4 Guarding Module.
Automatically generate form 16, tax project statements.

22) Sync - Billing to Tally Accounting.

23) Contract labour Compliance report.
Form XIII Register of Workmen , Form XIV Employment Card , Form XVII Register of Wages, Form XX Register of deduction for damage or loss, Form, XXI Register of Fine , Form XXII Register of Advance , Form XV Service Certificate, Form XIX Wage slip.

24) Shop n Establishment Compliance Reports.
Register of Employee, Register of leave, Register of Salaries, Register of Overtime.

25) Complaince as per Factories Act.
Form 2, Form3, Form6, From 10, Form10-A, Form 12, Form 12-A.




Pay A Monthly Access Fee And Use The Product.
No Need To Buy The Erp, (Cloud Infrastructure Partner - Tata Communication)
Cost Based On The Product.

2. SQL DATABASE AND MS .NET TECHNOLOGY  (Web Browser Based Access) (Ideal For Very Large Guarding Companies)

3. MICROSOFT VFP AND UNLIMITED USERS DBF (SCATTERED) DATABASE. (Advantage Low Cost, Minimum Hardware  Requirement, Minimum Deployment Time And Reccuring Cost) (Terminal Servers Based Wide Area Access) (Ideal For Medium To Large Enterprise)