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Over 1600+ Customers
Celebrating 16 years of Trust & Service
Dedicated Reliant Customer Support Team
Present in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata
AVDM Virtual Cliniq
(Cloud Edition)

About AVDM

AVDM is an advanced patient management software. It is designed to capture patient interactions, patient history and patient data with ease, generate opinion, recommend investigations, a Quick Prescription pad which can generate prescription with minimum keyboard entries and self maintainable drug database.

It can be customized for any specialty viz. general physicians, ENTs , cardiologists, gynecologists etc. It is currently customized for VERTGO patients and patients suffering from DEAFNESS. It also has a Clinical & History taking module for ENT patients. It is highly user friendly and easy to operate. AVDM has been successfully running at many individual doctors clinics since 2005.

Authored by

Dr. Anirban Biswas practices in therapeutic and diagnostic neurotology in Calcutta (Kolkata), West Bengal, India. He was the editor of the Indian Journal of Otolaryngology & Head and Neck surgery (2000-2005) and was also a member of the editorial board of the International Tinnitus Journal published from USA.

He has authored a number of books on the diagnosis and management of vertigo and deafness for postgraduate students and practitioners in ENT and Neurology.

  1. Measurement of static compliance, measurement of middle ear pressure, type and shape of tympanogram, acoustic reflex test, acoustic reflex test decay, acoustic reflex latency, eustachain tube function test, clinical opinion.
  2. Pure Tone Audiometry  - Finding of PT Audiometry, Clinical opinion
  3. Bera Test, Questionnaire for Non Development of Speech
  4. Other investigations prescription pads reports

  1. ENG & VNG TEST - Calibration, Pendulum tracking test, Test for Spontaneous Nystagmus, Test for Gaze Nystagmus, Positional Nystagmus, Optokinetic test, Calorific test, Fistula test, Clinical opinion, Butterfly chart.
  2. CCG TEST - Stepping test, Rombergs test, W.O.F.E.C test, Clinical opinion
  3. Rehab Exercise charts
  4. Other investigations prescription pads reports


If you are a Doctor - an independent Practitioner, or an affiliate or a Resident Doctor in a hospital. What would you get?

What if you are a hospital:

You get a data bank of prescriptions and trends in cases.

What if You are a Pharma Company

  1.        Setup - Messaging System (email) for direct communication with Users / Doctors
  2.        Setup - Opinion poll and Feedback system
  3.        Setup - Advertisement on user screen (Live)
  4.        Setup - Complaint System for Doctors / Hospitals
  5.        Setup - Updates on drugs and new launches