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The Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee pen

Montegrappa brings out the second pen in the "icon" series commemorating his 70th birthday, the king of martial arts Bruce lee. 'The Dragon 2010 Bruce Lee' limited edition features a body and cap made of red celluloid with black veining, reffered to as cinnamon. The cap has a yin yang symbol and the pen makes an exquisite piece with its carved dragons, their eyes highlighted by rubies on silver and matching precious stones. The nib itself features the profile of Bruce Lee in a famous move, foot and fist extended, suspended in air
Beautiful Caran d'Ache 1010 Diamond Fountain Pen
Caran d'Ache has released a beautiful fountain pen in their line inspired by the world of horology - the 1010 Diamonds.

Covered in 850 pure diamonds, the cap is made by a process of hammering and mounting, and is crowned with the Caran d’Ache monogram as well as a clip which resembles a watch hand,

The bridges of the exterior cage are inspired by the gear train of a watch and are set with 150 emerald-cut diamonds while the interior cage is made entirely out of white gold.
Monteverde introduces the miracle of reverse miniature hand-painting inside of their latest limited edition pens!!

At the dawn of the 18th century, a new art form emerged in china.  The process was called inside (reverse) painting. Clear snuff bottles were hand painted from the inside out, which yielded some of most prized collectibles that the world has ever seen. Southern California based Monteverde™ brings the process to their latest series of limited edition pens.  Miraculously, these hand-painted gems are being offered at a fraction of industry standard pricing. Monteverde’s original art is hand-painted on the inside of special, hand-made clear acrylic resins.

The meticulous work is completely done by hand.  Highly gifted artists take at least 72 hours to complete each part with a specially designed, hand-made, hooked paint brush specifically designed for these pens.  Since the painting is completely done by hand, no two pens are exactly alike.

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