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Omega Constellation series

Launched in 1952 it was a one of its kind mechanical watch. The vanilla look did little to hide the copius amount of watch engineering it packed, and the Constellation became a cult. The latest series is no different. Sporting the same polished hour and minute hands with 34 full cut diamonds, black alligator strap and shaded grey dial.

A self winding chronometer and a co-axial escapement movement with rhodium plated dinish give this watch its unique appeal.

The 18 carat white gold with stainless steel dial, scre in caseback with sapphire crystal gives the watch a beautiful look.

Cost Rs 5,29,000
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Titan Tycoon Signature 1533
Stainless steel, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, two toned bracelet and a knurled solid link lends Titan Tycoon Signature 1533 the dynamism befitting a tycoon. The T7299 calibre powered timepiece also features world time and is available in gold, steel and rose gold.
Cost - Rs 10,995
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Zeitwerk from A. Lange and Sohne
Not every watchmaker is obsessed with the idea of using tech for sheer novelty, and the Zeitwerk from A.Lange and Sohne is a ticking testament to that.

By applying the principle of inverted sunglasses, it bends light in such a way that only the outlines of the numerals can be seen. Even cooler aspect is that it stores photonic energy so that it can glow at night. 

The iconic design and the innovative digits are also to be looked for in this watch.
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The Chronomaster Moonphase Lady
Cost - Rs 7,92,000
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Romain Jerome Moon Invader
There are watches made from the spare parts of the Apollo 11 and moon rock. The Romain Jerome Moon Invader falls squarely in the latter camp. Drawing heavily from space explorations, its corners resemble the feet of Apollo 11.

Keeping in sync with the moon theme there are only 1969 of these made which is also the year of the first moon landing.The case back is made of an alloy of silver and lunar rock with a pattern of moon scape ensuring that the moon is indeed in direct contact with your wrist.

The RJ dials are framed in a gorgeous 46 mm case that has a bevelled yet circular shape giving it moon shape. The pattern of the dial creates a unique blue lighting effect, also known as superluminova to watch connoisseurs

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What do they mean :-
Any watch having a chronograph has a stopwatch function built in seperately from the clock. Its not to be confused with a chronometer, which is simply a clock movement thats accurate enough to be used as a watch.

A GMT is made famous by Rolex, is a dual time watch which can be used to tell the time in two seperate time zones simultaneously with the aid of two hour hands. Ideal for those regularly traveling between time zones.

Whereas quartz watches are powered by battery, automatic watches are powered by the movement of your arm. The most notable result is that the second hand moves smoothly as opposed to with a "tick-tock" motion.

The solution to gravity's accuracy tainting effect. Tourbillion movements are made up of over 100 seperate pieces that keep the mechanism floating within the watch's chasis. These watches are the most accurate and the most expensive to buy.
The elegance of the chic and exquisitely crafted, diamond encrusted classic lady's watch. That perhaps explains why Zenith still retains its classic collection albeit with a twist.

The Chronomaster Moonphase Lady is an ode to this timeless and features a handmade white crocodile leather strap with 533 diamonds on the dial.
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